Tips for Doing Home Remodeling on an Economical basis

Buying an old building will present its own challenges in house renovation work because usually, the owner of the old building does not have a working drawing, either because it is missing or it is not accompanied by a working drawing. In addition, although a working drawing was available during construction, usually the condition of the building does not match the picture, because it has undergone repeated home renovations before you buy it.

According to the large Indonesian dictionary, renovation is renewal, rejuvenation, improvement. In this case, of course, this definition is related to the building, both in terms of structure, decoration, interior, exterior, electrical or mechanical, to the landscape. The scope is very broad, not limited to maintenance work, but also to building expansion or repair, the purpose of which is to improve quality.

In terms of improving quality, it means that there will be some points to be improved. These points can be viewed in terms of comfort, safety, function, or something else. Therefore, you must consider what will be used as a benchmark. Because if the building you want to renovate has limited land, then chances are you won’t be able to get everything you want. Therefore, it is important for you to decide what points to prioritize in home renovation.

If you have decided to do a home renovation, then immediately execute the plan so that the costs will be more economical. Given that every year the value of materials and services has increased by 5 – 15%. In addition, plans that are not immediately executed will consume more energy and time so that they have the potential to be canceled. Because of that, make plans right now.

Before creating a design concept, look for as much detail as possible regarding the environment around you. The information referred to includes the permit process, soil and water characteristics, to the condition of the building itself and its surrounding environment. The more you recognize the characteristics of the house, the more detailed planning you can make. This is beneficial for the future home renovation process.

Home renovation to suit your life style
You may have searched for several references from the internet as well as magazine articles about the desired design. But what is more important is to decide on a home renovation concept that suits your lifestyle. Avoid copying other building designs that are functionally incompatible with your lifestyle. Pay attention to the plan, space function, materials used, to the placement and model of the desired furniture.

Cheap vs quality

When it comes to determining the materials used, it’s a good idea to consider the quality of the material and its cost. The cost of home renovation is very dependent on the design and material selection, although you often find it through advertisements or the media about the price of house renovation or building a house per square meter. It’s good in the cost planning process, you consult with the contractor regarding the detailed specifications of the materials used. If you want the results of home renovations to be of higher quality and longer-lasting, it is better if you are oriented towards choosing building materials. Conversely, if you are budget oriented, usually the quality of the building is not as good as expected.

Do careful calculations and set aside some of the budgets because usually there is additional work in the middle of the renovation process. Provide funds for the unexpected, considering that renovating a house can be more difficult than building a new building.

Home renovation contractor services

If you have a sufficient budget and you don’t want to take the risk of the results of home renovations, you should use a contractor. Apart from being more experienced in working on home renovations, the contractor will also provide a guarantee of at least 3 months in their work. So you will remain safe in the planning of building structures, electrical and mechanical, to funding because everything has gone through careful planning.

What If The Budget Is Not Enough For Home Remodeling?

Doing renovations can be done periodically, although not in the near future. Sooner or later the condition of the house will need maintenance, either because of weather damage or something else or because it is out of date. In this case, you can replace some parts to make it look more modern.

Doing renovations does not need to be done on a large scale in all parts of the room. However, you can keep some parts of the house that are still suitable for use. Usually, the part that is most often done is the roof, sanitation, and building finishing. The roof of the house is related to the roof frame and roof covering. The roof frames of old houses generally still use wooden frames. You must check the wooden frame periodically because usually within a few years it will be eaten by termites so that the wood becomes rotten and causes its strength to decrease. In this condition, the roof will drop and is potentially dangerous.

Therefore, many have replaced the roof truss from wood to mild steel. The advantage of lightweight steel roof trusses is that they will not fade with time. However, in the process, the strength of mild steel must be considered. Usually, mild steel is combined with a roof covering in the form of concrete tile or a lighter one. For heavier roof coverings, it is recommended that the thickness of mild steel or the number of frames should be increased to avoid the frame from bending due to heavy loads.

In working on renovating the roof, you also have to prepare funds to repair the ceiling of the house. Because after all, if you do roof work, the ceiling of the house has the potential to be damaged. For old houses, they usually still use a ceiling in the form of plywood, whereas nowadays gypsum boards are widely used. Besides being able to be formed easily, gypsum ceilings are also resistant to termites and fire so that from a security perspective it is better. Ceiling trims are also widely available using gypsum material in various forms.

For house walls, repainting is usually done because the paint color is faded or peeling off. The use of paint also has 2 types, for indoors (indoors) and outdoors (outdoors). In general, indoor paint is cheaper than outdoor paint for a brand that is one level. It’s a good idea to use the existing paint, without mixing it to avoid color differences in the future. Use the colors in the catalog and make sure you recognize the quality of the paint.

Apart from the roof and walls, also pay attention to the floor of your house. In general, old houses will use terrazzo floor tiles or floor tiles measuring 40 x 40 cm (or below). Meanwhile, at this time, ceramic 60 x 60 cm size has been widely used with various models ranging from homogeneous tiles, granite, marble, etc. Of course, by replacing floor tiles, the appearance of your home will be more modern than before.

Don’t forget to pay attention to electrical and plumbing installations in the house. Usually, for houses over 15 years of age, the electric cable is no longer suitable for use. Likewise with the condition of clean water pipes and dirty water. Just as a precaution, make sure the pipes and cables are in proper condition before finishing so that you don’t need to repair them again.

Even though it looks difficult and expensive, you still need to do a home renovation. The cost of renovation depends on the work done and there is no reference for calculating the cost per square meter. Apart from being influenced by the material used, home renovation is also influenced by the desired final appearance.

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